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Edition of publications in the field of laser processing


ALPhANOV confirms its progress in the field of laser processing with two new publications.

ALPhANOV keep developing its expertise in the field of laser processing to meet industry requirements.

Two new studies have been recently published in scientific journals dealing with two different processes: Publications laser processing

  • Surface texturing: « Springtail-inspired triangular laser-induced surface textures on metals using MHz ultrashort pulses » and
  • Drilling of metal parts: « Novel approaches in zero taper, fast drilling of thick metallic parts by ultra-short pulse laser »

The first is the result of a joint effort between the Mechanical Engineering School of the University of Birmingham, Max Bergmann Biomaterials Centre at IPF (Dresden), CELIA (University of Bordeaux) and ALPhANOV in the frame of the project LASER4FUN.

The article authored by J.-M. Romano et al. deals with an innovative machining process aiming to reproduce sub-micron triangular structures with anti-adhesive properties observed in nature. By using a high-speed industrial femtosecond laser, periodic surface structures (LIPSS) are reported having triangular shape with a throughput up to 10 mm²/s.

More generally, thanks to the project LASER4FUN, ALPhANOV developed a variety of innovative laser processes to modify the aesthetical properties of metal plates including the blackening for the home appliance industry. The intensive collaboration with all LASER4FUN project partners yielded novel surface micro / nano-structuring methods (LIPSS, DLIP, DLW and their possible combination) using SP / USP laser technologies.

LASER4FUN project

A PhD thesis authored by Dr. Fotis Fraggelakis in February 2019 ("Controlling and upscaling laser induced surface morphology: from tens of microns to tens of nanometres") successfully summarized the work.

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The second publication, reports on the drilling of thick metal parts. Authored by Dr. G. Mincuzzi et al. from ALPhANOV it has been published in the journal “Optics and Lasers in Engineering”.
A new approach is proposed and optimized to obtain deep cylindrical holes in metallic parts (aspect ratio > 10). The hybrid process developed makes possible to overcome the limitations induced by parts thickness (usually no more than 1mm) observed when using industrial precession heads. By combining trepanning, spiralling and percussion, taper-less holes with aspect ratio of 10 have been drilled in 32s in a 2 mm thick stainless-steel part. 

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