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ALPhANOV offers welding of transparent materials


Thanks to the work under the project Femtoweld, ALPhANOV now offers a femtosecond laser-based welding process of transparent inorganic materials.

Thanks to specific lasers developments achieved by Amplitude Systèmes, to the scientific support from the Center for intense lasers and applications (CELIA - Centre lasers intenses et applications) and to his own experience in terms of laser beam shaping and laser material processing, ALPhANOV has performed uniform and reproducible laser welding of glass on a 10mm-diameter. This glue-free technique enables to reinforce molecular bonding against weathering, mechanical vibrations or pressure variation.

Other developments are underway to implement this type of process on other transparent materials (chalcogenide glasses, fused silica, sapphire, diamond, transparent ceramics, photonic crystals), but also on heterogeneous assemblies as glass-metal, crystal-metal, crystal-glass ... Many industries are interested to implement such processes: optoelectronics, consumer electronics, microfluidics, building industry, but also and above the realization of photonic components.

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