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ALPhANOV's competences in robotics


ALPhANOV, a major actor in the process and laser micromachining sector, unveils its new Robotics video. Watch this video to discover all the possibilities of robot arms within laser applications.



Improving productivity and ease of use are major challenges for Industry 4.0. ALPhANOV has therefore concentrated and developed its knowledge in robotics, in order to continue supporting you through the challenges of tomorrow.

The robot systems available at ALPhANOV allow precision movement of laser heads or heavy loads. With more than 7 dedicated laser sources, the modularity of the systems allows the user to incorporate any of these lasers into each application. ALPhANOV is also equipped with the latest generation systems necessary for the 3D reconstruction of complex parts as well as the associated software for data processing.


Whether it is to move the part, the laser or to synchronize both the movement of the beam with that of the robot, the advantages of the laser - combined with the agility of robotic arms - offer many opportunities for your processes:

  • laser hardening of metallic materials,
  • relite welding, cutting and drilling,
  • or large surface texturing and polishing. 


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