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eShard becomes an ALPhANOV official distributor in Asia Pacific for laser tools for IC testing


eShard, a leading specialist in embedded security and provider of the esDynamic scientific platform, is proud to announce the extension of its strategic collaboration with ALPhANOV, the world leader in Optics and laser systems, a specialist in laser fault injection.

After a successful co-development collaboration, eShard and ALPhANOV want now to extend this partnership to the next level. Since they have a cutting-edge fault injection solution that leverages ALPhANOV technology on esDynamic platform, ALPhANOV wants to use eShard commercial strength in the Asia Pacific market to grow its footprint. Therefore, eShard is now an official distributor of ALPhANOV in this region.

This means that eShard has now the capability to bring a complete high-end turn-key solution for SideChannel and Fault Injection analysis platform in the Asia Pacific region. This comprises the delivery locally of the software, the hardware, and also all support, training and maintenance services to both eShard and ALPhANOV customers. So clients can apply their expertise in laser fault injection from day one.

Combining esDynamic platform with ALPhANOV Laser Microscope Station enables the industry to access both side-channel and fault injection for secure embedded systems. As a result, this allows experts to efficiently build or improve its know-how in security analysis.

This partnership fosters further innovations and they are delighted to bring soon the latest advances in Thermal Laser Stimulation and Photoemission analyses to help Asian semiconductor industry strengthening their product design.

Benoît Appert-Collin, Director of ALPhANOV said “The solution we co-developed with eShard is proven to be unique in the market. And recent major successes with leading technology providers and laboratories in the USA and Europe confirm that this strategic partnership is commercially working. Therefore, it is a nobrainer for ALPhANOV to extend the relationship and use eShard’s strength to build ALPhANOV’s success globally.”

Both ALPhANOV and eShard naturally complete each other on products and services. Thanks to the eShard brand and the technology leadership of ALPhANOV, we can already see tractions in this market so I am convinced that this extended collaboration will bring the right value to our clients in the Asia Pacific region,” said Jean-Luc Khaou, Asia Pacific MD of eShard.

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