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Marc CASTAING, “ Laser sources and components ” Business Unit Manager


Since January 1, 2021, Marc CASTAING has been managing the “ Laser sources and components ” department.

After finishing his PhD in collaboration with the Institut d'Optique Graduate School and the company Oxxius, Marc CASTAING has since been working in different organisations in the optics and laser field for over 10 years: R&D engineer in Germany for the company Lumera Laser, industrialization and production manager at AzurLight Systems, EMEA sales manager for the Thales group's laser project, and finally independent consultant in the optics and laser field.Business Unit Manager - Marc Castaing

Like his predecessor, Johan BOULLET, Marc CASTAING will manage a team of around twenty people. This team is currently working on the development of new turnkey and/or custom laser sources, while also developing technological bricks intended for manufacturers or scientists (pump modules, combiners, etc.). The department has gained extensive experience in the interfacing of special optical fibers. Indeed it is now able to connectorize, weld, polish and glue these fibers, which will then be used by laboratories or manufacturers. To achieve this, the B.U. has a shared platform called "Fiber Laser Platform" (PLF) comprising a set of instruments essential to its achievements (fiber welders, polishers, CO2 laser ...).

Johan BOULLET now leads research and development within the “Laser sources and components” department. Its expertise will enable ALPhANOV to develop new laser sources that are adapted to specific applications, operating at a wide variety of wavelengths.



Laser Technologies and Componants

Laser sources


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Laser components

Ps/fs fibre oscillators in OEM version or R&D (with pump to be spliced)
Integrated medium to high-power PCF amplifiers
Kilowatt-class pump combiners

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Photonic Crystal Fiber interfacing

PCF connectors
Industrial PCF cables
Special termination

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