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ALPhANOV delivers a fault injection laser rig to the Micro-PackS platform


Specialists in optical and laser equipment for the safety assessment of integrated circuits, ALPhANOV equips the Micro-PackS association with a latest generation laser rig for double-spot fault injection and analysis of photon emissions.

Fault injection laser

Located in Gardanne in south-east France, Micro-PackS is a technological and R&D platform in the micro-electronics industry. Accessible to both its members and external partners, the association offers a wide range of services, the pooling of advanced equipment, and promotes synergy and trading between stakeholders in the field.

As part of its development, the Micro-PackS association selected ALPhANOV to design an optical and laser platform for the safety assessment of integrated circuits.

The modular platform provided to Micro-PackS incorporates the latest innovations and has many features such as:

  • the ability to simultaneously inject two independent laser sources through the same lens to achieve complex double laser fault injection scenarios,
  • the ability to study the activity zones of the circuit with the use of photoemission techniques,
  • the ability to use the "side-channel" technique of thermal stimulation by laser with the injection of a special laser source at 1424nm.

For nearly 10 years, ALPhANOV has been developing cutting-edge optical and laser technologies for international operators in both the security of electronic components and in the fight against cybercrime.

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