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Laser cutting enables precision part production of all material types, even of transparent and hard materials such as SIC and diamond.

The characteristics of the laser cutting process:

Benefits laser cutting


  • Quality and throughput adaptable depending on the laser source
  • Durability quality over time
  • Thermal-effects free process
  • Cutting of thin films up to a few μm
Performance laser cutting


  • Tolerances of a few μm
  • Accuracy of a few μm
 Throughput laser cutting


Dependent on the material and the thickness considered, on the order of mm3.min-1.W-1


Laser workstation - laser cutting

Laser workstation

  • Scanning systems
  • Precession head
  • Cutting head
  • Improved quality with short wavelengths
Surface condition laser cutting

Surface condition

Adaptable quality, surface roughness up to a few hundreds nm


Process sheet

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Areas of application

  • Watchmaking
  • Medical
  • Automobile
  • Aeronautics
  • Sensors


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