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Laser drilling makes it possible to create through or blind holes with variable shape and high aspect ratio, on all types of materials and thicknesses.

The characteristics of laser drilling:

Benefits laser drilling


  • Diameter <10 μm
  • Adaptable shape
  • Aspect ratio >15
  • Drilling transparent materials
  • Cylindrical drilling
Performance laser drilling


  • Tolerances of a few μm
  • Accuracy of a few μm
  • Depth and geometry control
Throughput laser drilling


  • Dependant on material thickness
  • From ms to s per hole


Laser workstation - Laser drilling

Laser workstation

  • Pulse duration from fs to ms
  • Trepanning head
  • Drilling head
  • Scanning systems
  • Wavelength from IR to UV
Surface condition Laser drilling

Surface condition

Roughness of a few hundreds of nm on the hole inner surface


Process sheet

Laser drilling

Laser drilling

Areas of application

  • Aeronautics
  • Automobile
  • Electronics
  • Diamond spinneret manufacturing
  • Watchmaking
  • Medical
  • Optics


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