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The use of a specific pulse duration and/or suitable wavelength(s) makes it possible to work in a condition where the surface layer ablation threshold is lower than the substrate’s.

The characteristics of the selective ablation process:

Benefits selective ablation


  • No damage to the substrate
  • Throughput
  • No delamination
  • No dust
  • Ablation over a few μm
  • Nanoscale layer ablation
  • Control of layer ablation depth
Performances - selective ablation


  • Tolerance of a few μm
  • Accuracy of a few μm
  • Resolution of a few μm
Throughput - selective ablation


Up to a few m.s-1 or around


Laser workstation - selective ablation

Laser workstation

  • Scanning systems
  • IR, green or UV laser
  • Continuous laser pulse fs
Surface condition - selective ablation

Surface condition

Surface condition of the substrate maintained also after ablation


Materials used for selective ablation:

  • Conductive layer on glass or polymer
  • Semiconductor on metal
  • Polymer on glass
  • Metal on glass or polymer
  • Silicone on metal or glass

Process sheet

Selective ablation

Selective ablation - process sheet

Areas of application

  • Optoelectronic device
  • Thin film photovoltaics
  • Demetallisation
  • Injection mould cleaning

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