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Single laser fault injection microscope - S-LMS

The S-LMS microscope station for laser fault injection is a high-precision platform for security evaluation of integrated circuits. It allows to focus the laser spot on the chip and scan the sample through the back side in order to evaluate the security levels of the electronic components.

Product reference: S-LMS

A 1-µm laser spot accuracy

S-LMS laser fault injection bench
S-LMS laser fault injection bench

The S-LMS laser fault injection platform integrates optics carefully designed by our teams to focus the laser source on the smallest possible spot sizes (1 µm) with the highest possible transmission (>90%). All the power of the PDM+ laser source (Pulse-On-Demand Module) is available on an extremely small circular spot, and can be focused on the active area of the component, through the silicon of the back side. Mounted on a high-resolution XYZ stage, the microscope system enables to scan the sample with a 50 nm. 

Temporal precision of the laser

The PDM+ laser integrated into our fault injection microscope systems allows extremely precise timing control due to extremilly low jitter (<8 ps).  This temporal control is essential to synchronize the laser injection with the operation of the circuit. This PDM laser can generate on demand pulses from 1 ns, up to continuous wave; from the single shot to a 250 MHz repetition rate.

PDM HPP laser source
PDM HPP laser source

Different PDM+ models can be integrated on the S-LMS bench:

  • different wavelengths available for back side: 980 nm and/or 1064 nm,
  • different powers (from 2 W to 10 W) depending on the sensitivity of your samples and the thickness of silicon,
  • the new PDM HPP (High Pulse Performance) adapted for extremely short pulses (sub-ns).

A high-quality infrared vision

The laser fault injection S-LMS microscope has been specially designed to integrate a high-quality infrared lighting and vision. The high-resolution IR camera enables to obtain a good quality view of the paths of the chip through the back side even through several hundred micrometers of silicon. The laser spots can also be watched at the same time and easily placed or moved on the sample.

A wide range of lenses

ALPhANOV offers a wide range of high-performance lenses by focusing on optical quality, high numerical aperture for better resolution and high transmission. The S-LMS bench can integrate up to 4 lenses via a manual turret or 5 lenses via a motorized turret. You can choose the most appropriate magnifications, from the 50X lens offering the smallest spot sizes to the 2.5X lens for a global view of the sample or larger spot sizes for faster scans.

Laser fault injection bench driven by esDynamic
Laser fault injection bench driven by esDynamic

The driving software: strong partnership with eShard

All our benches can now be controlled via eshard’s esDynamic software. A powerful platform enables to use notebooks specially developed in Python, to integrate your own developments and to summarize and analyze your results. The esDynamic platform is also used for side-channel analysis. 

Powered by eShard

A turnkey and evolving fault injection bench 

Experts in optics and lasers, ALPhANOV customize the laser fault injection systems to fit your projects, your budget and your skills. From made-to-measure bench to turnkey bench, we design the best solution for you, from a simple microscope to a completely automated machine integrating a CE-certified laser security enclosure mounted on an active optical table.
Every year, ALPhANOV brings developments and improvements for its laser fault injection benches. You can regularly update/upgrade your system with the latest technological advances in order to remain at the state of the art. As an example the functions of photoemission or thermal laser stimulation are now available on a S-LMS bench.

Product features

  • Single-mode laser at 980 and/or 1064 nm
  • Pulses sub-ns to continuous wave
  • Temporal precision <8 ps
  • Frequency up to 250 MHz
  • >92% transmission
  • Coaxial IR vision
  • Can be controlled and driven by Python
S-LMS laser bench - Fault injection

Possible options

CE-certified laser security barrier
Photoemission kit
Laser path for thermal stimulation
esDynamic software platform


  • Fault injection
  • Photoemission
  • Thermal stimulation

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