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SOA pulsed driver with nanosecond speed: a new fiber modulator

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOA) driven in pulse regime are a high dynamic range, lossless, high extinction ratio and highly polarizing fiber modulator solution available from 750 to 1700 nm.

It is a very compact unit optimized for single-shot to CW performance with pulse width lengths down to 1 nanosecond. This SOA pulsed driver delivers precision pulses which are generated internally by an on-board pulse generator, or on demand from an external TTL signal.

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers driven in nanosecond pulse regime can be compared with AOMs, EOMs or direct laser diode modulators (see comparative table). It is the only solution meeting all the constraints for a reliable, stable and efficient fibered modulation.  

It is an ideal solution to drive most of the commercially available SOA like, for example, Innolume or Thorlabs. See our tutorial : fiber modulator basics

These products are now offered by AeroDIODE, Logo_aerodiodea new ALPhANOV spin-off company. The product manager is available to answer any technical of commercial question.

Product reference: SOA

Key features

  • User-set pulse width from 0.5 ns to CW
  • High dynamic range : >48 dB, High extinction ratio : >~50 dB
  • Lossless device
  • Timing Jitter down to 8 ps
  • Repetition rate up to 250 MHz
  • User design pulse shape (SOA-shape only)
  • No wavelength variation along the pulse duration
  • Adjustable safety limits, current levels (average/peak), SOA temperature, etc.
  • USB & analog control.
SOA Pulsed driver


SOA pulsed driver comparison

Datasheet & tutorial

Datasheet SOA pulsed driver

This SOA pulsed driver works alone or in series with other products in our range like:

Complex systems, such as fiber lasers, can be quickly developed on this module platform.

Turn-Key solutions which include the SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers) are also offered by ALPhANOV as a SOM (Semiconductor Optical Modulator).


Version SOA standard SOA HPP
(High Pulse Performance)
SOA Shape
(Pulse shaping)
CW or pulsed ? CW or pulsed CW and/or pulsed Pulsed
Output current (CW regime) 800 mA 2000 mA -
Output current (pulse regime) 1500 mA 4000 mA 1600 mA
Extinction ratio (dB, typ) (SOA choice dependant) > 50 dB - > 40 dB
Switching speed (typ) (SOA choice dependant) ~1 ns ~0,5 ns ~2 ns
Dynamic range (up to) 60 dB 60 dB 48 dB
Trigger to pulse Jitter < 20 ps < 8 ps < 2 ns
Pulse shaping no no yes
Max repetition rate 10 MHz 250 MHz 20 MHz
Max output power (SOA choice dependant) From 20 to 100 mW (more than 500 mW have been measured in some pulsed configuration)
Interfaces/compatibilités/Libraries USB - Windows 7/10 - DLLs - Hexa - Labview - Python
Dimensions 130*110*29 170*107*27.5 162*92*27
Operating voltage (AC/DC converter included) 12 V 24 V 24 V


Exemple d’impulsion optique de 40 ns obtenue par modulation externe d’une diode laser  DFB à 1064 nm.
Example of a SOA-std 40 ns pulse shape from an input 1064 nm DFB laser diode.
Exemple de forme d’impulsion arbitraire obtenue par modulation externe d’une diode laser DFB à 1064 nm obtenue avec SOA-Shape.
Example of a user-defined pulse shape with SOM-std internal AWG from an input 1064 nm DFB laser diode.




PIN configuration

SOA pulsed driver

GUI interface


These products are now offerder by AeroDIODE, Logo_aerodiodea new ALPhANOV spin-off company.

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