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1064 nm laser diode – CW & pulsed – Bragg or DFB

These fiber coupled 1064 nm laser diode are offered as stock items or associated with a CW or pulsed laser diode driver. It is compatible with low noise CW or high speed nanosecond pulses drivers. Turn-key modules with TEC controller are offered in an open or integrated version.

These 1064 nm laser diode can reach high power in nanosecond pulse regime up to 2000 mW.

3 versions are offered:

  1. A high power version @ 1060 nm ideal for CW of pulse applications where a pulse emission wavelength evolution in the first nanoseconds can be tolerated.
  2. A 1064 nm fiber coupled DFB laser diode with typically 200 kHz bandwidth which reaches up to 200 mW in CW and 800 mW in pulse regime with a very stable emission bandwidth from the first nanosecond.
  3. A broad and stable emission bandwidth version ideal for fiber lasers when SBS effect is a limitation.

Most Turn-key diode+driver solutions (see datasheet) are optimized for single-shot to CW performance with pulse width lengths down to 1 nanosecond. 1064 nm laser diode precision pulses are generated internally by an on-board pulse generator, or on demand from an external TTL signal.

Laser diode 1064 LD-STD
Standard with Bragg
1064 LD-DFB
Ultra broad with FBG
Wavelength (nm) 1060±2 1063.5±2 1064±2
Emission bandwidth CW: <0.2 nm
Pulse: <2 nm
~200 kHz >2 nm
Max power (CW-typ) 550 mW 200 mW 650 mW
Max power (pulse-typ) 1500 mW* 800 mW* 2000 mW*
Pulsed performance See 1064 nm laser diode datasheet

* With ALPhANOV drivers only

1064 nm laser diode

1064 nm laser diode open driver


These products are now offered by AeroDIODE, Logo_aerodiodea new ALPhANOV spin-off company. The product manager is available to answer any technical of commercial question.

Product reference: 1064LD

Key features

  • Three models: bragg based or DFB-based

  • Up to 550 mW CW

  • Up to 1500 mW peak power out of fiber

  • Down to 200 kHz bandwidth (DFB version)

  • Down to 1 ns pulsewidth

  • Low noise CW emission

1064 nm laser diode driver


Applications of these 1064 nm laser diode include laser seeding, fiber laser development, Bio-imaging R&D etc.
The GUI software of the optional drivers lets the user have total control of all module functions. It includes several libraries for software integration (Labview VIs, DLLs, Hexa, Python etc.).


Datasheet 1064nm laser diode

This 1064 nm laser diode works alone or in series with other products in our range like:

Complex systems, such as fiber lasers, can be quickly developed on this module platform.


  • Laser seeding
  • Fiber laser development
  • Bio-imaging R&D


3 ns pulsewidth with DFB
Example of 3ns pulse shape from the DFB-based laser diode
100ns pulsewidth generated by this pulsed laser diode driver
Example of 100ns pulse shape from the Bragg-based laser diode


Synoptic of pulse driver

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These products are now offered by AeroDIODE,Logo_aerodiode a new ALPhANOV spin-off company.

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