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This pulsed laser diode driver with high speed performances and integrated TEC controller generates any pulsed or CW optical signal from 1 nanosecond to CW.

CCS is a very compact and modular module which can be delivered with or without mounting sockets for butterfly laser diodes. Optimized for single-shot to CW performance with pulse width lengths down to 1 nanosecond, this pulsed laser diode driver with integrated TEC controller delivers precision pulses which are generated internally by an on-board pulse generator, or on demand from an external TTL signal. 

It is the most compact device with such performances and this makes it an ideal tool for OEM integration into your product.

These products are now offered by AeroDIODE, Logo_aerodiodea new ALPhANOV spin-off company. The product manager is available to answer any technical of commercial question.

Product reference: CCS

Key features

  • User set pulse width from 1 ns to CW
  • Integrated TEC controller
  • Up to 4 MHz repetition rate (250 MHz optional)
  • Down to 500 ps risetime
  • Up to 1500 mA peak current (3500 mA option)
  • USB, manual, & analog (0-5 V) signal peak power adjustment
  • Smart control (USB interface)
Pulse laser diode driver


The GUI software lets the user have total control of all module functions. It includes several libraries for software integration (Labview VIs, DLLs, Hexa, Python etc.).


Datasheet CCS

This pulsed laser diode driver works alone or in series with other products in our range like:


Complex systems, such as fiber lasers, can be quickly developed on this module platform.


  Standard version HP (High Power) UHP (Ultra High Power) HPP (High Pulse Performance) Shaper (user design pulse shape)
Output current (pulse regime) 1.5 A 3.5 A 9 A 4 A 1.6 A
Output Current (CW regime) 0.8 A 1.5 A 2 A -
Output voltage range up to 4.8 V up to 5/10 V 1 - 24 V (adjustable) 1 - 24 V
Laser diode T° range 15 - 50°C
Pulse duration (external pulse trigger) 0.5 ns - CW 0.5 ns - 8 µsec
Pulse duration (internal pulse generator) 0.5 ns - 500 ns 0.5 ns - 8 µsec
Typ rise/fall time (TO/butterfly/VCSEL) 1 / 3 / 0.5 (ns/A) 0.5 / < 1 / 0.5 (ns/A)
Typ min pulse duration (butterfly) 1.5 ns 5 ns < 1 ns
Internal rep rate adjustment 1 Hz- 4 MHz 1 Hz - 10 MHz 1 Hz - 250 MHz 1 Hz - 20 MHz
Temporal Jitter < 25 ps < 8 ps < 1.5 ns
Adj. CW offset in pulse regime No Yes No
Interface/GUI/libraries USB - Windows X¨P/7/10 - DLLs - Hexa - Labview - Python
Dimensions 130*119*28 170*107*27.5 167*92*27
Power supply 12 V (110 - 220 V adapter included) 24 V (adapter included)


The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.
Example of 3 ns pulse shape from a II-VI DFB laser diode @ 1064 nm
The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.
Example of 100 ns pulse shape from a 500 mW 1064 nm 3SP laser diode


Pulsed laser diode driver Synoptic



  • Laser seeding
  • LIDAR testing
  • VCSEL evaluation (no socket version)


These products are now offered by AeroDIODE,Logo_aerodiode a new ALPhANOV spin-off company.

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