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Improvement of the mechanical properties of the material by laser shock peening. Shock waves (> GPa) applied to metallic materials improve their fatigue resistance and their resistance to corrosion.

The characteristics of the laser shock peening process:

Advantages - laser shock peening


  • Deep residual stresses
  • Improved resistance to fatigue and corrosion
  • Treatment of hard to reach areas
  • Increased surface and near surface durability
  • Shaping of the piece possible by introducing stresses
Performance laser shock peening


  • Depth of residual stresses up to a few mm
  • 165% improvement in fatigue and corrosion resistance compared to an untreated sample
  • 65% increase in surface and near surface durability down to 200 μm depth
Throughput laser shock peening


Average duration of treatment: 25 mm2.min-1


Laser workstation - laser shock peening

Laser workstation

  • IR or green laser, ns pulse, > 500 mJ, up to 100 Hz
  • Fixed beam focused in front of the moving part
Surface finish - laser shock peening

Surface finish

Average surface roughness after treatment < 5 μm for an initial surface finish of 1 μm


Material used for laser shock peening:

  • Aluminium alloy
  • Steel alloy
  • Titanium alloy

Process sheet

Laser shock peening

Laser shock peening

Areas of application

  • Aeronautic
  • Automobile
  • Energy
  • Watchmaking

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