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High power laser diode up to 150 W @ 808, 915 or 976 nm

These high power laser diodes are offered as stock items or assembled with a  turn-key laser diode driver with air-cooled temperature regulation. A high power connector or collimator is included when the complete integrated version is chosen.


These fiber-coupled high power laser diodes at 808 nm, 915 nm or 976 nm are sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and offered as stock items or associated with a turn-key laser diode driver.

3 versions are available:

  • Laser diode alone
  • Laser diode + open driver (with the ability to easily replace the laser diode)
  • Laser diode fully integrated with its driver and a high power connector or collimator

A high power laser diodes fully integrated version is offered which contains the laser diode driver and either a high power optical connector or a 3 mm optical collimator (cf datasheet).

Both diode + driver versions contain a photodiode input for APC (Auto Power Control) mode. The Fan speed is automatically adjusted. The Voltage compliance level can be automatically controlled or precisely adjusted through the GUI.

The diode+driver open version is the most compact product with such performances. It is ideal for lab use (for example fiber laser R&D) or OEM integration. The laser diode can be easily replaced by the user.

These products are now offered by AeroDIODE, Logo_aerodiodea new ALPhANOV spin-off company. The product manager is available to answer any technical of commercial question.

Product reference: HighPower-LD

Key features (laser diodes)

  • 13 laser diode models at 808, 915 or 976 nm from 10 W to 150 W

  • 3 version @ 976 nm with VBG-based narrow emission (ideal for Yb3+ pumping)

  • Highly efficient from plug with low thermal losses

  • All versions have a built-in feedback protection filter to isolate from harmful feedback light of fiber laser wavelength


Key features (optional driver - cf datasheet)

  • For CW or pulse emission down to 10 µs pulsewidth

  • Low noise emission properties

  • Temperature stability down to 10 mK

  • Laser power stability <0.05%

  • Max modulation rate : 100 kHz

  • USB communication with a dedicated Windows 7/10 GUI

  • Many libraries :  Hexa, DLLs, Python, Labview VIs

  • Power supply : 24 V

High power laser diode driver


Applications of these high power laser diode include laser pumping, fiber laser development, direct diode micro-machining etc.
The GUI software of the optional drivers lets the user have total control of all module functions. It includes several libraries for software integration (Labview VIs, DLLs, Hexa, Python etc.).


Datasheet high power laser diode


This high power laser diode works alone or in series with other products in our range like:


Complex systems, such as fiber lasers, can be quickly developed on this module platform.

High power laser diode specifications 

Diode # Wavelength Power Typ. operating
Spectral tolerance/width Fiber properties Back reflection isolation
1 808 nm 50 W 10 A/14 V ± 10 nm /5 nm



(NA filling: 0.12 - 0.17)

30 dB

1040 - 1200 nm

2 100 W 10 A/26 V
3 915 nm 10 W 12 A/1.7 V
4 30 W 13 A/6 V
5 80 W 14 A/14 V
6 140 W 13 A/25 V
7 976 nm (broad emission spectrum) 10 W 12 A/1.7 V
8 30 W 10 A/10 V
9 80 W 12 A/14 V
10 150 W 12 A/26 V
11 976 nm (narrow emission spectrum) 30 W 10 A/7 V ± 0.5 nm/0.5 nm
12 60 W 10 A/13 V
13 80 W 10 A/16 V


Diode + driver properties: 

Noise levels

High power laser diode noise level


High power laser diode synoptic

GUI interface (example)

High power laser diode GUI

PIN configuration

High power laser diode input-output


These products are now offered by AeroDIODE,Logo_aerodiode a new ALPhANOV spin-off company.

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